Friday, 26 January 2007

Code Word Goody

Well, Peter over at Naked Blog reckons the 'Jade Goody N*a*k*e*d' search string has cost him a fortune in bandwidth charges, but I feel this will pale in comparison to the cost to Harper Collins who have decided to pull the paperback of Jade's autobiography from its scheduled publication in February. Over at his blog (yes he's back, Pack-fans), Scott muses that HC will have already printed the books so the cost will be considerable but I'm not sure why they are pulling the book anyway. Surely anyone who would have previously been interested in 26-year-old Jade's autobiography will not be swayed by the media-driven charges of racism levied against her and in fact, if her agent-I-mean-Jade plays it right, it could all work in her favour. I don't know how much HC paid as an advance for the book but in these days of astonishing celebrity advances I would imagine HC will be smarting at this recent turn of events. I'm tempted to contact HC to see if we can purchase the books at cost price - I reckon I could make a fortune on eBay. Anyone from HC reading? I'm serious.

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