Wednesday, 31 January 2007

It seems that having a very fixed idea about how I...

It seems that having a very fixed idea about how I want the new TFP site to look is not a Good Thing. It's not actually a Bad Thing, it just slows the process a bit but the good news is that I think we're there! Or at least will be pretty soon. Full site up and running in a month starting some time from next week onwards with a bit of luck. And I think the luck-to-shit balance has got to be tipping in my favour some time soon so fingers crossed.

Anyway, I discovered a lovely parcel of books when I got home today (makes a change from cases of cheap wine) and I was delighted as they are my shelf copies of all the books we've published so far. I try to keep copies in my shed-type-thing so that I have them to refer to or send out - or simply to read again. And in a week that's turning out to be quite hectic I feel the need to return to one of my favourites.

When I first read the manuscript of this book, I loved the following line:

'While I wasn't quite ready to donate my kidney to the first semi-attractive woman to come along, I was willing to negotiate.'

It was on the first page and by the time I'd read to the bottom of that page I knew I would finish the manuscript. And that I would love it. So then, my question to you is which book is it?

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